where can i get a fertility test done

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  • What fertility tests do we offer?

  • Tests for men and women to determine the cause of infertility problems. We offer several fertility tests for patients. These can include hormone blood tests to test female fertility and semen analysis to test male fertility. Who will do it? Our patients are at the heart of what we do and we want you to be in control of your care.

  • Where can I get a fertility test in the UK?

  • We offer female and male fertility testing and assessments in all our UK clinics : Bath , Birmingham, Chester , Dublin, Liverpool , London, Manchester, Northampton, Nottingham, Sheffield, Tamworth , Tunbridge Wells.

  • How do you test male and female fertility?

  • Male fertility is tested by analysing a sample of semen, which measures sperm count. Fertility problems in about a third of cases are due to the male partner. Hormone blood tests such as FSH, LH, oestrogen, prolactin and anti-mullerian hormone are used to test female fertility.

  • Is it worth having a fertility check?

  • Even if you are not currently trying for a baby, you may be wondering, or have concerns about your fertility health,so it may be worth having a fertility check. There are various screening tests that can be done to evaluate fertility. We offer both fertility assessments and tests for women and fertility assessments and tests for men .

    where can i get a fertility test done

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