will rain wash away fertilizer

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  • Should you fertilize after heavy rain?

  • Pros and Cons of Fertilizing After Heavy Rain Gardeners may choose fertilize after heavy rainfall because it will help increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer in the lawn or garden. It will also help reduce the chances of the fertilizer running off into water systems and polluting it.

  • Should I water after fertilizer?

  • Keep in mind (I have said this before), your lawn needs about 1/2 of water after you fertilizer. Water helps activate your fertilizer. It helps move the granules deep into the thatch where it starts to break down so that it can be soaked into the root system. So rain after a fertilizer is a GOOD thing.

  • How does rainfall affect fertilizer?

  • However, while a heavy rainfall will certainly get this job done, it can also cause that fertilizer to be washed into stormwater systems, and thus affect the water quality of bodies of water in your community.

  • Can you over apply fertilizer to your lawn?

  • Apply only the amount of fertilizer that is recommended. Some homeowners alleviate concerns about rainfall by overapplying fertilizer. Although this might not have a negative impact on the lawn, it increases the amount of fertilizer likely to run off into lakes, rivers, streams and even the city’s water supply.

    will rain wash away fertilizer

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