why is fertilizer dangerous

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  • Are chemical fertilizers harmful to farmers?

  • Chemical fertilizers have aided farmers in increasing crop production since the 1930’s. While chemical fertilizers have their place increasing plant nutrients in adverse weather conditions or during times when plants need additional nutrients, there are also several harmful effects of chemical fertilizers.

  • How do fertilizers affect the environment?

  • The use of chemical fertilizers on crops can have adverse effects on waterways caused by chemical run off of the excess fertilizer. The over-abundance of nutrients in the water reduces the amount of oxygen. The existing organisms living in the water use up the oxygen that is left.

  • What happens if you over apply fertilizer to plants?

  • Over-application of chemical fertilizer to plants may cause the leaves to turn yellow or brown, damaging the plant and reducing crop yield. This condition is known as chemical leaf scorch. Leaf scorch can cause the leaves of the plant to wither and may cause the plant to die.

  • Are heavy metals in fertilizers harmful to your health?

  • These heavy metals are also associated with other human health hazards. One of the major health risks caused by chemical fertilizers can possibly happen through the plant macronutrients that it contains, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

    why is fertilizer dangerous

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