who makes menards fertilizer

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  • What is Menards premium natural fertilizer?

  • A natural nutrient source of fertilizer, Menards Premium Natural promotes healthier soil, improves water retention and is more environmentally friendly than a traditional fertilizer. This product is treated and processed to exceed the Class A standards set forth by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency for Exceptional Quality standards.

  • Does Menards sell e-corganite lawn fertilizer?

  • Please visit a Menards store for information and to purchase. Loading… Ship To Store – Free! e-Corganite Lawn Fertilizer is a granular ready-to-use multi-purpose fertilizer product packaged in a 36 lb poly bag that treats up to 2,500 sq ft. This product promotes healthier soil, improves water retention and encourages plant growth.

  • What kind of weed and feed does Menards use?

  • Loading… Menards Premium brand Weed Feed. A granular ready-to-use formula that provides a fertilizer feeding and broadleaf weed control all in one application packaged in a 17 lb. poly bag that treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. A uniquely blended formula that controls over 200 broadleaf weeds once they emerge plus provides a fertilizer feeding.

  • Does Menards use natural ingredients in their lawn care?

  • Menards use natural ingredients including compost, dung, and bone meal. Using inorganic or chemical fertilizers feeds your lawn. This might not be sufficient information to make you understand which one to choose.

    who makes menards fertilizer

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