where to dispose of pesticides

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Household garbage

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  • How to dispose of pesticides?

  • Disposal of Pesticides. Pesticides need to be disposed of properly to prevent accidents and to protect the environment. If you have unwanted pesticide products, store them safely and dispose of them as soon as you can. Dispose of pesticides as instructed on the product label. Look for the Storage and Disposal statement on your pesticide label.

  • How do you dispose of toxic chemicals?

  • These toxic chemicals need to go to a treatment facility or hazardous waste collection site. Even empty containers need to be cleaned and disposed of properly, as they still contain small amounts of residue.

  • Are pesticides hazardous waste?

  • Some, but not all, pesticides are regulated as hazardous waste when disposed. Read more about hazardous waste disposal. The Universal Waste regulations ease requirements for certain hazardous wastes, including pesticides, for those who generate and transport them.

  • What do you do with empty pesticide bottles?

  • Unless the label on the product directs you otherwise, plan to place all empty pesticide and insecticide bottles in the trash. Do not rinse them before you do it; you do not want to put any pesticides or insecticides down your sink.

    where to dispose of pesticides

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