where to buy fertilized duck eggs near me

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  • Where can I buy hatching eggs for ducks?

  • Duck hatching eggs for sale at californiahatchery.com, offering eggs for popular duck breeds such as the rouen duck, pekin duck, runner ducks, cayuga ducks, mallard ducks, khaki campbell ducks, and more! We will ship your hatching eggs with high quality packaging and quality arrival guarantee.

  • Are your duck eggs fresh?

  • Our Duck Eggs are Guaranteed Fresh. By the way, our duck eggs are picked, washed, and shipped all on the same day so you are assured of a fresh product. Don’t take chances buying your eggs just anywhere. We stand behind them and have a no unhappy customer policy.

  • Where do you ship your duck eggs?

  • We ship high quality, farm fresh duck eggs anywhere in the Continental US via Priority Post Mail (Yes, we actually ship eggs safely all the time!). Our specially designed packaging reduces breakage and we guarantee that you’ll receive your eggs in good shape.

  • What is the hatchability of fhe fertile duck eggs?

  • The hatchability of FHE fertile duck eggs is 85-90%. To buy fertile duck eggs, you can reach us and learn all conditions and details. As the duckling develops in the fertile egg, water loss occurs from the egg and an increase in the size of the air cell is observed.

    where to buy fertilized duck eggs near me

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