where is ovum fertilized

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Within the follicle

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  • Where does fertilization of the ovum occur?

  • Nothing is known regarding the fertilization of the human ovum, but the various stages of the process have been studied in other mammals, and from the knowledge so obtained it is believed that fertilization of the human ovum takes place in the lateral or ampullary part of the uterine tube, and the ovum is then conveyed along the tube to …

  • Where does internal fertilization occur in the female reproductive system?

  • In humans internal fertilization is found and it occurs during after intercourse when male ejaculated its sperm in female vagina and when one sperm cell fuse with ovum of female then fertilization occur and which produce an egg cell. Where in the female reproductive system does fertilization occur?

  • How does human fertilization occur?

  • It begins with a fertilized egg which will remain in the mother’s womb until it is ready to be born. The egg and sperm join together in a combined effort of human fertilization to become a zygote, or fertilized egg. There are several steps between the process of fertilization and the birth of a life. Where Does Fertilization Occur?

  • What is an ovum?

  • Which is capable of developing into new organisms when fused with the sperm cell is known as an ovum. The word ovum meaning in Latin is 鈥?egg 鈥?and the plural of the ovum is ova. Ovum is the name given to the haploid female reproductive gamete. Ova are produced by both animals and land plants like embryophytes.

    where is ovum fertilized

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