where does the female egg become fertilized

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  • Where does fertilization of an egg occur in the menstrual cycle?

  • Fertilization of an egg by a sperm normally occurs in the fallopian tubes. The fertilized egg then moves to the uterus, where it implants to the uterine lining. What happens during the menstrual cycle?

  • Where does fertilization happen in the body?

  • Some people think fertilization happens in the uterus, since that鈥檚 where the baby develops. However, fertilization actually occurs in the fallopian tubes. Each sperm has a single goal: to meet up with the egg.

  • What does it mean when a human egg is fertilized?

  • Human fertilization is the union of a human egg and sperm, usually occurring in the ampulla of the fallopian tube. The result of this union is the production of a zygote cell, or fertilized egg, initiating prenatal development. Additionally, does your body know when an egg is fertilized? Pregnancy begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg.

  • What is the process of fertilization?

  • The process of fertilization is a step-by-step process with the end result being a human life. It begins with a fertilized egg which will remain in the mother’s womb until it is ready to be born. The egg and sperm join together in a combined effort of human fertilization to become a zygote, or fertilized egg.

    where does the female egg become fertilized

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