where does nitrogen fertilizer come from

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  • What is the source of nitrogen in fertilizer?

  • All N fertilizer begins with a source of hydrogen gas and atmospheric N that are reacted to form ammonia. The most-used source of hydrogen is natural gas (methane). Other sources of hydrogen, such as coal, are used in some regions.

  • What is nitnitrogen fertilizer?

  • Nitrogen fertilizer component. This leaves primarily nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is removed and ammonia is produced by introducing an electric current into the system. Catalysts such as magnetite (Fe 3 O 4 ) have been used to improve the speed and efficiency of ammonia synthesis.

  • What are the raw materials of fertilizers?

  • Primary fertilizers include substances derived from nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Various raw materials are used to produce these compounds. … When ammonia is used as the nitrogen source in a fertilizer, one method of synthetic production requires the use of natural gas and air.

  • Where does the N in many organic fertilizers come from?

  • Therefore, the N in many organic fertilizers originated as inorganic N fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizers clearly make an essential contribution to maintaining an adequate supply of nutritious food.

    where does nitrogen fertilizer come from

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