when to use 13-13-13 fertilizer

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When you have a freshly seeded lawn

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  • What is triple 13 fertilizer?

  • Triple 13 fertilizer is a balanced fertilizer meaning all three nutrient elements are in equal measure 13-13-13. These numbers represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

  • What is 13-13-13 fertilizer used for?

  • Most triple 13 fertilizers are intended for use on gardens, flowers, shrubs, hedges, trees, new lawns, and are best used in the spring before planting. Why Is It Called 13-13-13 Fertilizer? The term triple 13 or 13-13-13 references the makeup of the nutrients in the bag of fertilizer.

  • How much triple fertilizer do I need per acre?

  • As a result, you鈥檒l need about 43 lbs. of triple fertilizer per acre per application, which is 3 to 4 鈥?40lb bags throughout the growing season. The amount and application differ with the area you are going to fertilize.

  • How to apply fertilizer?

  • There are two main ways of applying this fertilizer: Broadcast Application: It is a method of spreading fertilizers uniformly. It is a common choice in large applications, such as in agricultural lands. This is done with the use of equipment like fertilizer spreaders.

    when to use 13-13-13 fertilizer

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