when to put fertilizer on grass seed

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Early spring

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  • Should I fertilize before or after seeding grass?

  • When seeding grass, the order in which you add the fertilizer and seeds doesn’t matter, but adding fertilizer at the time you seed a lawn is important. You can combine the fertilizer and seed and broadcast them together, or you can broadcast the seed and fertilizer separately, one immediately following the other.

  • When should I apply starter fertilizer to my lawn?

  • When to Apply Fertilizer. Once your lawn has sprouted after about six weeks, an additional feeding of starter fertilizer is appropriate. Starters release slowly with successive watering nutrients to feed young emerging lawn grass.

  • How do you fertilize a lawn after overseeding?

  • If you overseed your existing lawn, you can sow the seeds first (after raking any thatch buildup) and then apply the starter fertilizer across the lawn to lightly cover the seeds and deliver the proper nutrients. The new seeds will germinate and mix into the existing grass matrix.

  • How often should you fertilize your lawn?

  • You can give your grass a bit of extra help by applying slow-release nitrogen fertilizer in 45- to 60-day intervals throughout the season. Using slow-release nitrogen will benefit your lawn without spurring uncontrolled growth that can force you to have to mow more frequently.

    when to put fertilizer on grass seed

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