when to fertilize sod

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Depending on the season you install your grass,you may be transitioning to thebeginning of springwith the Spring Fertilizer Box. If you installed your sod in the summer,you may need to transition to the Fall Fertilizer Box.

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  • When can I apply fertilizer to my new sod?

  • If you follow the New Lawn Starter Box schedule, you can begin applying fertilizer on the first day of installation. The New Lawn Starter Box is a starter fertilizer for new sod that consists of three individual bottles of liquid fertilizer designed to help your newly sodded, seeded or plugged lawn establish.

  • When should I fertilize my turfgrass?

  • Second, turfgrass is typically fertilized at the sod farm just before harvest. So, an additional application isn鈥檛 usually needed immediately. Keep in mind, too, that the timing of your sod installation matters. If your sodding was done in the fall or winter, wait until spring arrives before fertilizing.

  • When is the best time to plant sod?

  • The ideal time for planting sods of each of them actually varies. And as such, you need to do your research based on the exact variety of grass that you鈥檙e planning to get. Once you鈥檝e done your research, you can be fairly certain about it growing quickly and beautifully.

  • How do you take care of a newly sod lawn?

  • After the sod is well established (several weeks after installation) irrigating deeply and infrequently encourages roots to grow deep, making the turf more tolerant to drought. Proper watering techniques are important. Make sure that water gets to all areas of the lawn, regardless of the type of irrigation system you use.

    when to fertilize sod

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