when to fertilize roses in nc

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Fertilize according to directions in thespring and at least once during the summer. Do not feed your roses after mid- to late August. You want your roses to become dormant for the winter and feeding will promote growth. Remember to water after fertilizing.

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  • How often should you fertilize Roses?

  • Once you see several inches of growth on your rose, add a bit more fertilizer and continue to add fertilizer every five to six weeks or per your fertilizer鈥檚 instructions. Some rose fertilizer only requires one application a year.

  • Why do Roses need fertilizers?

  • To perform their best, roses need a continuous source of nutrients throughout the growing season. Healthy roses not only bloom better, they are better able to withstand insect and disease problems. There are many different kinds of fertilizers, so it can be confusing to know how and when to fertilize your roses.

  • How do you take care of Roses in North Carolina?

  • Watering: When rose plants don’t get a weekly soaking by natural rainfall, supplemental irrigation will be necessary. Typical North Carolina summers require this extra irrigation. An excellent system would be the soaker hose. This provides moisture to the root system while keeping foliage dry.

  • Should you water roses before or after fertilizing?

  • If the roses are very dry, water them first before feeding them; Smith says this will prevent the flower from taking nutrients up too quickly. Fertilize the perennial regularly throughout its growing season (about every two to four weeks depending on the type of fertilizer used).

    when to fertilize roses in nc

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