when to fertilize pomegranate trees

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For a newly planted young tree,the University of Georgia Extension recommends applying 1 ounce of 10-10-10 fertilizer per 1 foot of plant height. For example,if your pomegranate plant is 3 feet tall,apply 3 ounces of 10-10-10. Make three applications at this rate,one each inearly spring,late spring and early fall.

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  • How much fertilizer does a pomegranate tree need?

  • As a pomegranate tree grows, it needs proportionately more fertilizer each year. Generally, use about twice as much fertilizer in the second year, or 2 to 4 cups, again dividing it into three well-spaced applications, and about three times as much in year three and each subsequent year.

  • How do you take care of a pomegranate tree?

  • For best growth and fruit production, pomegranates need deep, slightly acidic, moist soil. Plants need irrigating every 7 to 10 days when there isn鈥檛 significant rainfall. It鈥檚 important to maintain adequate soil moisture in late summer and early fall to reduce potential fruit splitting.

  • What kind of soil do pomegranates need?

  • Like all flowering and fruiting trees, pomegranates need a lot of nitrogen and enjoy acidic soil. Nitrogen helps plants grow and develop, and can improve the quantity and quality of fruit.

  • Is 8-8-8 fertilizer good for pomegranate trees?

  • Purely Organic Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food 8-8-8 is a great, balanced fertilizer. Don鈥檛 be fooled by the name, it isn鈥檛 just for tomatoes and vegetables 鈥?your pomegranate tree can benefit from it as well. One important thing to clarify is that, although the brand name is Purely Organic, this product isn鈥檛 certified organic.

    when to fertilize pomegranate trees

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