when to fertilize lawn colorado

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When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Colorado?Fertilizing in the Early Spring. Most homeowners in Colorado should begin their gardening year by fertilizing their lawn in the early spring.Late Spring or Early Summer Fertilising. If you decided that your lawn didn鈥檛 require fertilizer in the early spring,you might instead apply fertilizer in May or early June.Mid-Summer Feedings. You can also fertilize your lawn during the summer months if your yard has cool-season grasses,like many Colorado homes.Fall Fertilizer. The most crucial time to fertilize your lawn in Colorado is in the fall. …

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  • When is the best time of year to fertilize your lawn?

  • Even retailers encourage us to do so by stacking lawn fertilizer in front of grocery stores and garden centers. Spring newspaper and radio ads feature lawn care products and fertilizers. This sign of spring is so wide spread, many people assume April is the best time to fertilize lawns.

  • Should I fertilize my lawn in Colorado?

  • Most Colorado lawns are comprised of cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass or turf-type tall fescue. Should I fertilize these grasses? These cool-season grasses benefit the most from fall applications of fertilizer, usually sometime in October or November.

  • Can I apply fertilizer in April?

  • In most cases, an application of fertilizer in April is not needed when lawns were fertilized the previous fall or clippings are returned to the lawn. If an April application appears to be necessary, apply the fertilizer at a reduced rate.

  • What is the best height to mow a lawn in Colorado?

  • The preferred mowing height for all Colorado species is 2.5 to 3 inches. Mowing to less than 2 inches can result in decreased drought and heat tolerance and higher incidence of insects, diseases and weeds. Mow the lawn at the same height all year.

    when to fertilize lawn colorado

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