when to fertilize evergreens

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Early spring months, such as April

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  • When should I fertilize my evergreen trees?

  • The best time to fertilize is in the early spring months, such as April. Fertilizing much later is generally pointless, as it rarely gives your evergreen trees enough time to absorb the nutrients. And never, ever fertilize your evergreen trees during a drought!

  • Do evergreens need fertilizer?

  • While evergreens generally require less fertility than deciduous trees and get some nutrients from soil, at some point you might need to fertilize your evergreens. A soil test will provide a base of information about your soil and the fertilizer analysis you will need for your plants.

  • How to fertilize shrubs and trees?

  • The roots of shrubs or trees will absorb the fertilizer eventually. However, the evergreens in planting beds should be regularly fertilized, especially those with no organic matter or those planted on sandy soil. Fertilizers applied in the early years of already established shrubs, and trees can speed up their growth.

  • How do you fertilize evergreens with manure?

  • Sub par growth or discolored foliage is a sign in mature evergreens that soil is in need of fertilizing. Amend the soil around evergreens with organic fertilizer at planting time or top dress the surrounding soil every year or two with several pounds each of well aged manure and quality compost.

    when to fertilize evergreens

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