when to fertilize daylilies

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Early spring

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  • Do daylilies need fertilizer?

  • If your daylilies are growing in soil rich in organic materials, they won鈥檛 need fertilizer. In average garden soil, you can apply a complete fertilizer (like 5-10-5) in springtime. If the soil is poor, add a second application in late summer or fall.

  • How do you get daylilies to bloom all summer?

  • Both fertilizer and water play key roles in supporting abundant blooming in daylilies. Water helps keep the plants hydrated, distributes fertilizer throughout the soil and keeps the fertilizer from burning the plant’s fibrous roots. Daylilies need 1 1/2 and 2 inches of water each week whether from rain or irrigation.

  • How often should you water daylilies?

  • In average garden soil you should not have to water your newly planted Daylilies every day. More often than not, this causes soggy soil conditions that can lead to root rot and other plant diseases. In the absence of sufficient rainfall, water only as needed to maintain a damp to moist root ball and surrounding soil.

  • What is the best compost for daylilies?

  • Organic compost is a great daylily food and composted manure is also good. Work compost or composted manure into the soil before planting the daylilies. Then, as time passes, add additional compost to give your daylily food. Sprinkle it on the surface of the soil and work it in.

    when to fertilize daylilies

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