when to fertilize citrus tree

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The 鈥済rowing season鈥?is whenever your citrus tree produces fruit.In a dry,hot climate,fertilize your citrus tree on Valentine鈥檚 Day (February 14),Mother鈥檚 Day (second Sunday in May),and Father鈥檚 Day (third Sunday in June).If you鈥檙e growing your citrus indoors,fertilize it between mid-spring and late summer/early autumn.

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  • When should you fertilize a fruit tree?

  • Trees that are bearing fruit must be fertilized before they begin to bloom. Fertilizing a blooming tree will cause the buds to fall off, so fertilizer before the tree begins to bloom, generally in late February or early March. Fertilize again after the fruits have emerged and grown to around the size of a pea in mid-May to early June.

  • How do you fertilize citrus trees in Florida?

  • Begin fertilizing your trees in March and use a pound of fertilizer per tree until October. It also helps to spray your trees with a nutrional citrus spray once a month from February to October. This practice should continue into the maturity of the tree.

  • How much fertilizer do I put on my Tree?

  • A small or dwarf tree would need less nitrogen. Split the total amount of fertilizer into three lots and apply one each in February, early May, and June. To fertilize a tree, measure the amount of fertilizer needed and scatter it evenly on the soil below the tree鈥檚 canopy but not near the trunk.

  • Do citrus trees need a lot of fertilization?

  • For instance, a Citrus tree with dark and dense foliage and healthy flowering tells us that it does not require a lot of fertilization. Moreover, fertilizing a tree too much when it鈥檚 already in a healthy state can bring the fruit yield down significantly.

    when to fertilize citrus tree

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