when to apply fall fertilizer in michigan

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  • When should I fertilize my lawn in Michigan?

  • To find an exact date, look for the first frost date in your area. That date is typically a good time to fertilize since the ground hasn’t frozen yet. More generally, mid-October is a good time to apply lawn fertilizer. What is the most important month to keep your lawn well watered in Michigan?

  • How long should I wait to fertilize after applying fertilizer?

  • If you already applied fertilizer in early spring, you should wait 6-8 weeks before applying the second round. Click to see full answer. Thereof, when should I fertilize? The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the spring, when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • When is the best time of year to treat my lawn?

  • It is best to apply lawn treatments periodically throughout the year. Each treatment builds on the previous one to establish a strong, healthy, and verdant lawn. In early spring, we start your grass off on the right foot by applying a pre-emergent weed control treatment for crabgrass.

  • Where can I find a lawn treatment schedule in Michigan?

  • At Turf Tech Fertilization, our lawn experts have devised a treatment schedule that can be administered throughout the year to keep your grass in tip-top condition. If you are in Lowell, Ada, Cascade, and the nearby areas of Michigan, learn about the ideal lawn treatment schedule for your yard. When should lawn treatments be applied?

    when to apply fall fertilizer in michigan

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