when should you fertilize grape vines

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January or February

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  • How to fertilize grapes?

  • How to Fertilize Grapes. Apply 5-10 pounds of poultry or rabbit manure, or 5-20 pounds of steer or cow manure per vine. Other nitrogen-rich grapevine fertilizers (such as urea, ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate) should be applied after the vine has blossomed or when grapes are about inch across.

  • When should I Feed my grape vines manure?

  • Grapevines, like almost every other plant, need nitrogen, especially in the spring to jump-start rapid growth. That said if you prefer to use manure to feed your vines, apply it in January or February.

  • How do I take care of my grape vines?

  • If you have healthy soil, a yearly mulch of compost or manure adequately fertilizes the vines. Proper pruning of vines is as important as soil management. Avoid overfertilizing, which harms grapevines.

  • How much fertilizer do I put on my wine vines?

  • How much fertilizer to use depends on the age of the vines. Give newly planted vines 8 ounces and vines 1 year and older 1 pound per plant, as needed. Fertilize when the buds break for the best results.

    when should you fertilize grape vines

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