when should i fertilize my lawn in virginia

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April through August

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  • What is the best time of year to fertilize your lawn?

  • Early Spring. Why feed: Your lawn wakes up hungry in the spring! Fertlizing it strengthens roots and gets it off to a good start. Timing: Apply early spring lawn fertilizer once between February and April, when your grass is starting to green up and begin to actively grow (around the time your lawn first needs to be mowed).

  • When should I plant grass seed in Virginia?

  • The solution? Plant grass in Virginia in the early fall (between about September 1st and mid-October). Warmer soil temperatures and consistent rainfall at this time of year encourage faster seed germination and deeper roots that will help the grass plants get established before winter sets in.

  • When is the best time to feed grass seed in Massachusetts?

  • In the Northeast and in Massachusetts (Zone 5-6) for example, you can begin to feed your lawn in April and May. Feeding your lawn too early can cause excessive top growth which isn鈥檛 ideal 鈥?particularly if there鈥檚 still risk of freezing overnight temperatures and morning frost.

  • When is the best time to overseed your lawn?

  • It will increase the lawn鈥檚 thickness and density, protect it against damage from insects and diseases, and help you achieve a lush and vibrant lawn. In Virginia, early fall is the best time to overseed your lawn.

    when should i fertilize my lawn in virginia

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