when should i fertilize my lawn in the northeast

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Early spring

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  • What is the best time of year to fertilize your lawn?

  • Help your lawn get the nutrients it needs to thrive year-round with this lawn fertilization schedule: Your first fertilizer application should take place in early spring. Fertilize your lawn in early spring when your grass first begins to grow.

  • When is it too late to seed your lawn in the northeast?

  • When Is It Too Late to Seed Your Lawn in the Northeast? 1 Ideal Time Frame. The best time to start a new lawn from seed, or to scatter seed over an existing lawn, in the Northeast is from August 15 to September … 2 Spring-Sowing Insight. … 3 Geography Insight. … 4 Recommendations. …

  • When is the best time to feed grass seed in Massachusetts?

  • In the Northeast and in Massachusetts (Zone 5-6) for example, you can begin to feed your lawn in April and May. Feeding your lawn too early can cause excessive top growth which isn鈥檛 ideal 鈥?particularly if there鈥檚 still risk of freezing overnight temperatures and morning frost.

  • Can you start a new lawn in the fall?

  • Starting a New Lawn. Though fall is the ideal time to start a new lawn from seed, you can also do it in spring. Don’t wait until late spring, though鈥攇ive your lawn a chance to grow in and get established before summer temperatures arrive.

    when should i fertilize my lawn in the northeast

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