when should i fertilize my bonsai tree

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Every two weeks

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  • How to fertilize a bonsai tree?

  • The soil will absorb the nutrients every time you water your bonsai. You can mix the fertilizer a little with the substrate or, in the case of fertilizer pellets or cakes, you can cover them with cup shaped mesh. Water the soil after placing the fertilizer.

  • How often do you water a bonsai tree?

  • Continue to water at least once a day because bonsai trees need daily watering to keep the roots healthy. Fertilize with a water soluble tree, bonsai or a general fertilizer, such as 20-20-20. Sprinkle the fertilizer evenly over the soil, avoiding the trunk. Water it in afterward until the water seeps out the bottom.

  • Can I use fish emulsion instead of fertilizer for bonsai?

  • Finally if you鈥檙e using synthetic soil, then you can use any fertilizer (most liquid ones will have the correct amount of nitrogen) instead of fish emulsion if that is more convenient. The bonsai fertilizer pellets are a convenient way to fertilize your plants.

  • When should I fertilize my Trees?

  • Generally, trees should be fertilized from early spring to autumn, with some species requiring intermittent feedings during non-growing months. Tropical and subtropical: These trees should be fertilized weekly during the growing season. They will grow year-round and should be fed monthly from fall to spring.

    when should i fertilize my bonsai tree

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