when should i fertilize citrus trees

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The 鈥済rowing season鈥?is whenever your citrus tree produces fruit.In a dry,hot climate,fertilize your citrus tree on Valentine鈥檚 Day (February 14),Mother鈥檚 Day (second Sunday in May),and Father鈥檚 Day (third Sunday in June).If you鈥檙e growing your citrus indoors,fertilize it between mid-spring and late summer/early autumn.

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  • When to apply citrus fertilizer?

  • When to Apply Citrus Fertilizer. A tree that looks lush and dark green and is holding onto fruit does not need to be fertilized as often. Fertilizing too much when the tree has a healthy appearance may actually cause it to produce inferior fruit. Citrus trees are most nutrient-hungry from the time they bloom until they have firmly set fruit,…

  • When should I fertilize my Trees in Florida?

  • Split the total amount of fertilizer into three lots and apply one each in February, early May, and June. To fertilize a tree, measure the amount of fertilizer needed and scatter it evenly on the soil below the tree鈥檚 canopy but not near the trunk.

  • How often should you fertilize a lemon tree?

  • In general, you should feed your citrus once every month or every two months during active growth and once every three months during the tree鈥檚 dormant periods. As the tree reaches bearing age you can skip dormant season fertilizing and increase the amount of time between active growth fertilizing.

  • Do citrus trees use nutrients in fertilizer?

  • The ability of a citrus tree to use nutrients in fertilizer depends largely on whether or not it is growing in the proper soil. Citrus trees most often need nitrogen, although they may also be deficient in minor nutrients. Citrus trees are native to subtropical areas of Asia and grow best…

    when should i fertilize citrus trees

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