when is the best time to fertilize hydrangeas

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When you should fertilize hydrangeas depends on where you live. In warmer climates,you may want to fertilizetwice a year,once in late spring and again in midsummer. In cooler climates,one application in midsummer is usually enough. It鈥檚 important not to fertilize your hydrangeas too late in the season.

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  • Should you fertilize Hydrangeas in the summer?

  • Sometimes fertilizer might not be necessary in the summer, since most hydrangeas bloom better when they are a little hungry for nutrients. If leaves begin to yellow and appear unhealthy, add a light dose of liquid iron twice a year or another fast-acting fertilizer to remedy the issue.

  • What happens if you fertilize Hydrangea too much?

  • If you give too much fertilizer to your hydrangea plants, fertilizer burn will happen. In this condition, you will see that the leaves are scorched. If you choose to apply fertilizer which is slow-release type, you have to lightly cover it with soil.

  • When can I transplant my Hydrangea?

  • If you want to relocate your hydrangea bush, the best time to do so is in the autumn, after the plant has gone dormant. At this point in the year, the ground should not be firm and frozen yet, so it should be relatively easy to dig up the plant.

  • Are hydrangeas easy to take care of?

  • As you can see, a lot goes into caring for a hydrangea, though, overall, it鈥檚 an easy plant to take care of. If your plant is in the right location and you water and fertilize it as you should, your hydrangeas should return year after year, keeping summer looking and smelling a bit sweeter.

    when is the best time to fertilize hydrangeas

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