when is a woman more fertile

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Ovulation period of their cycle

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  • When is a woman most fertile to ovulate?

  • Ovulation in some women can occur on the 8 th or 10 th day of her period or as in normal circumstances on the 14 th day. Those with irregular menstruation cycles will not have regular ovulation and will find it difficult to pinpoint their most fertile days without ovulation kits. When Is a Woman Most Fertile? How to Pinpoint the Days?

  • How do I know when I am most fertile?

  • Answer: Over time, you can track your fertility. Once you can predict ovulation, you should easily be able to determine when you are most fertile. Also known as your fertile period, there are about seven days during your menstrual cycle when it is actually possible to get pregnant. These are considered to be your most fertile days.

  • How long are women’s sperm fertile?

  • Unlike men, who can release sperms any time and would have these sperms fertile for a few days within the woman’s body, women are fertile only for 24 to 48 hours, from the time of ovulation. This is the time that the egg travels through the fallopian tubes. The egg begins to die, if it is not fertilized by sperm after this period.

  • When is a woman most likely to get pregnant?

  • Technically, any woman who is ovulating and sexually active is capable of becoming pregnant. But when it comes to age, the answer to when is a woman most fertile?

    when is a woman more fertile

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