when fertilize roses

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Early spring

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  • How often should you fertilize Roses?

  • Once you see several inches of growth on your rose, add a bit more fertilizer and continue to add fertilizer every five to six weeks or per your fertilizer鈥檚 instructions. Some rose fertilizer only requires one application a year.

  • What is the best fertilizer for roses in the fall?

  • In the fall, apply fertilizer with little or no nitrogen such as bone meal or rock phosphate. This will help promote growth for next year. Fertilize young rose plants using a liquid fertilize. Granular fertilizers can be a little hard on young, first year plants.

  • How do you fertilize miniature roses?

  • If you鈥檙e growing roses in containers, fertilize them with a water-soluble or liquid fertilizer more frequently. Miniature roses should only be given liquid fertilizer, and for the duration of their lives. If you鈥檙e using compost or mulch, this may take away some of the roses鈥?nitrogen. Add extra nitrogen if need be.

  • Should you water roses before or after fertilizing?

  • If the roses are very dry, water them first before feeding them; Smith says this will prevent the flower from taking nutrients up too quickly. Fertilize the perennial regularly throughout its growing season (about every two to four weeks depending on the type of fertilizer used).

    when fertilize roses

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