when choosing pesticides you should

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Accurate identification of the pest

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  • How do I choose a pesticide?

  • Before choosing a pesticide, it is important to read and understand the directions on the product label. This will minimize your chance of having a problem with the pesticide once you use it. To reduce risk, choose pesticide products with low toxicity by looking for the signal word CAUTION.

  • Why is accurate identification of the pest essential to selecting a pesticide?

  • Accurate identification of the pest is essential to selecting a pesticide because pesticides are categorized according to the pest or problem that they control. For instance, insecticides control insects, herbicides control weeds, and fungicides control plant diseases; yet all of these are pesticides.

  • Can you use more pesticides than the label recommends?

  • If the pesticide did not control the pest, consider using a different chemical, a non-chemical method, or a combination of non-chemical and chemical methods (See Understanding Pest Management). Again, using more pesticide than the label recommends will NOT do a better job.

  • Do pesticides kill all types of pests?

  • No one pesticide will kill all types of pests. For example, an insecticide that protects your apple trees against a certain insect usually will not control any disease of the tree. Pesticides that target certain groups of pests also differ in the spectrum of pests they control.

    when choosing pesticides you should

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