what organic pesticides are there

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The natural organic pesticides are derived from naturally occurring sources such as plants, for example,rotenone and pyrethrumwhile synthetic organic pesticides or the modern pesticides are produced artificially by chemical synthesis and includes DDT, permethrin, malathion, lindane, etc. Comparably inorganic pesticides are simpler compounds, crystalline, environmentally stable, and usually dissolve readily in water.

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  • What are organic pesticides and pest control?

  • Organic pesticides and pest control involve naturally-derived substances and mechanical control methods. The flip side, however, is also true. Just because something is naturally-derived doesn鈥檛 mean it is inherently harmless. Think about how many plants around the world are capable of seriously harming humans if ingested.

  • What are the different types of natural pesticides?

  • Milky spore is an example of this type of natural pesticide. Botanical 鈥?Botanical pesticides come from plants. Nicotine, Neem, Rotenone, Sabadilla, and Pyrethrins are all derived from other plants. Pyrethrins for instance, come from the chrysanthemum plant and are effective on flying insects and to flush out larvae and grubs.

  • What are the best organic pesticides for gardening?

  • Sabadilla, extracted from lily seeds, is another ingredient seen in chemical pesticides that is considered organic and suitable for home gardening purposes. Ready-made pesticides with sabadilla may be used with most plants, including vegetables. It works against insects like caterpillars, stink bugs, and leaf hoppers.

  • Can I use organic pesticides on my own plants?

  • And even if you are not a DIY person you can still find a wide range of commercial, organic pesticides that are ready to use on your plants. Organic pesticides give you the assurance you are both maintaining your plants and protecting the wellbeing of the people and animals that come in contact with your home garden.

    what organic pesticides are there

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