what is the use of pesticides in agriculture

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There are 6 main types of pesticides that are being commonly used in most farms:Insecticides 鈥?used to deter insects from feeding on the produceHerbicides 鈥?used to kill malicious plants that damage cropsRodenticides 鈥?chemicals that protect plants from rodentsBactericides 鈥?kills bacteria on the surface (or inside) of the plantFungicides 鈥?help plants in areas where they are prone to fungus infectionsMore items…

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  • What is the impact of pesticides on agriculture?

  • About one-third of agricultural products are produced depending on the application of pesticides. Without the use of pesticides, there would be a 78% loss of fruit production, a 54% loss of vegetable production, and a 32% loss of cereal production. Therefore, pesticides play a critical role in reducing diseases and increasing crop yields worldwide.

  • What is biopesticide and their role in agriculture?

  • What is Biopesticide and their Role in Agriculture? Bio Pesticide Uses in Agriculture: Biopesticide or Bio pesticides are a group of pesticides that have derived from natural materials such as plants, animals, microbes like bacteria, fungi, and certain minerals.

  • What are the types of pesticides used in agriculture?

  • types of pesticides used in modern agriculture and bio-farming, and its interaction in environmental processes. Keywords: Fungicides, weedicides/herbicides, nematicides, rode nticides, insecticides, algicides, biopesticides and BCA.

  • Why do we use pesticides in food production?

  • Although increases in food productivity have been due to several factors, including the use of chemicals, better plant varieties, and the use of machinery, pesticides have been an integral part of the process by reducing harvest losses caused by weeds, diseases, and insect pests [25].

    what is the use of pesticides in agriculture

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