what is the most harmful pesticide

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The worst pesticides includeAtrazine, Flupyradifurone, Hexachlorobenzene, Glyphosate, Methomyl, and Rotenone. Based on WHO data, they are particular hazards b/c of: (1) bioaccumulation; (2) persistence in water, soil/ sediment; (3) toxicity to aquatic organisms; and (4) toxicity to bees/ ecosystem services.

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  • Are pesticides dangerous?

  • Pesticides are designed to (in most cases) kill pests. Many pesticides can also pose risks to people. Generally, however, people are likely to be exposed to only very small amounts of a pesticides 鈥?too small to pose a risk. To determine risk, one must consider both the toxicity or hazard of the pesticide and the likelihood of exposure.

  • What are the most dangerous weed killer chemicals?

  • Atrazine: More than 75 million pounds of this weed killer are used in the U.S.ever year鈥攎ost commonly on corn in the Midwest. An EPA study found atrazine in 100 percent of 26 river sites examined. An endocrine disruptor, atrazine exposure has been linked to increased risk of birth defects, infertility and possibly cancer. 3.

  • What are the most common pesticides used in the US?

  • Malathion, an organophosphate, is another common pesticide under scrutiny. Farmers, residential landscapers and other workers in the United States use about 1 million pounds of the insecticide every year to control a range of pests. Public health officials use it to get rid of mosquitoes. Others use it to combat fruit flies.

  • What is the difference between poisoning and injuries caused by pesticides?

  • Poisoning is caused by pesticides that affect organs or systems inside the body, whereas injuries are usually caused by pesticides that are external irritants. Some pesticides are highly toxic to humans; only small amounts can cause highly harmful effects. Other active ingredients are less toxic, but overexposure to them also can be detrimental.

    what is the most harmful pesticide

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