what fertilizer to use on azaleas

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  • How to fertilize azaleas?

  • Sketch out a circle on the soil with the trunk as its center and 9 feet (3 m.) as its radius. Sprinkle the grains of fertilizer in that entire area, then water in well. Be sure to wash off any grains of the fertilizer for azalea plants that fall on the foliage.

  • What is the best soil for azaleas?

  • Azaleas also require acidic soils with pH 4-6 the optimal range of soil acidity (7 pH is neutral) otherwise certain nutrients will not be absorbed. A specialised ericaceous (acidic) fertilizer will help to maintain the right soil pH for the azalea to uptake nutrients, to thrive and flower.

  • What kind of phosphorus do you put on azaleas?

  • Phosphorus Deficiency: For phosphorus deficiency, use diammonium phosphate or, if you鈥檙e just planting your Azaleas, superphosphate. Superphosphate is great, but it can take months to move from the soil surface to your plant鈥檚 roots, so it鈥檚 best to use mixed into the infill when you鈥檙e planting.

  • What is the NPK ratio of Azalea fertilizer?

  • Its NPK ratio averages around 6-2-2, and it鈥檚 as natural as it gets. If you鈥檝e got extra Azalea fertilizer lying around, some of your other plants could benefit from it. A lot of Azalea fertilizers are also designed for plants with similar needs.

    what fertilizer to use on azaleas

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