what does pesticide free mean

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Pesticide-free would mean thatno pesticide of any type has been used in the production cycle. The marketing buzz words would be something along the lines of never been sprayed or pesticide-free.

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  • What does 鈥減esticide-free鈥?mean?

  • What about organic? Dr. Vincelli: 鈥溾€橮esticide-free鈥?is not a strictly defined term, but it might be used to refer to crops that were not treated with any synthetic (human-made) pesticides. Pesticides are substances for controlling insects, weeds, or disease-causing organisms.

  • What is the difference between organic and pesticide free food?

  • Foods that are labeled 鈥減esticide free鈥?and 鈥渙rganic鈥?represent different ways in which the food was grown. Pesticides include a variety of substances, some of which occur naturally and some of which may be used on organic food. Foods in the United States are tested and vigorously regulated to make sure they are safe to eat.

  • What does’pesticide-free’mean?

  • Pesticide-free actually means very little. It’s not a regulated distinction. Produce labeled pesticide-free probably was grown without synthetic pesticides, but there’s no federal regulation regarding the use of that particular phrase.

  • Are organic apples pesticide-free?

  • We’ll see what’s required to be called organic, what’s prohibited and how you can tell if the apple you’re buying is really pesticide-free. And ideally, when you buy an organic apple, it is pesticide-free.

    what does pesticide free mean

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