what days of the month are most fertile

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There are six to seven days during your menstrual cycle when you can get pregnant. This is known as your fertile period. You are most fertile during thefive days before you ovulate, the day that you ovulate, and possibly a day after you ovulate. Sperm can live up to five days. Once released, an egg only lives for about 24 hours.

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  • What is the most fertile period for women?

  • The most fertile period for women is the 4-5 days before ovulation begins and the day of ovulation.

  • How do you determine your most fertile days?

  • Some Examples of Determining Your Most Fertile Days: The fertile period is the six days leading up to and including ovulation, and the one day after you ovulate. You are most fertile the three days leading up to and including ovulation.

  • When is the best time to ovulate?

  • Ovulation in some women can occur on the 8 th or 10 th day of her period or as in normal circumstances on the 14 th day. Those with irregular menstruation cycles will not have regular ovulation and will find it difficult to pinpoint their most fertile days without ovulation kits.

  • How long are eggs fertile for?

  • Although a mature egg is only fertile for up to 48 hours, the opportunity to conceive鈥攌nown as the fertile period鈥攊s around seven days. The fertile period is the time during which the egg is viable (up to two days) plus the time during which sperm can remain viable in the uterus or fallopian tubes (typically up to five days). 4

    what days of the month are most fertile

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