what are the most commonly used pesticides

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Even without national data,it’s safe to say the following are five of the most widely used chemical pesticides and herbicides permeating America:Glyphosate: Better known as …Atrazine: More than 75 mill …Chlorpyrifos: Created by th …Metolachlor: Classified as …Metam sodium: This widely u …

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  • What is the most common insecticide used in agriculture?

  • The most commonly used insecticides are the organophosphates, pyrethroids and carbamates (see Figure 1). The USDA (2001) reported that insecticides accounted for 12% of total pesticides applied to the surveyed crops. Corn and cotton account for the largest shares of insecticide use in the United States.

  • Which countries use the most pesticides?

  • The number one consumer of pesticides is China, where 3,981,548,455 pounds are applied every year. China was one of the first nations to begin using pesticides, copying US practices, and relies on its application for rice crops in particular.

  • How are pesticides used in other industries?

  • Other industries utilize pesticides as well, to clear roadways of weeds and shrubs, to kill invasive plants, or to control algae growth in bodies of water. Worldwide, 40% of pesticide use is contributed to herbicides, 17% to insecticides, and 10% to fungicides.

  • How much pesticide do farmers use?

  • We interviewed 183 farmers and 45 retailers. The study revealed that farmers applied pesticides at an average of 2.9 kg a.i./ha per crop per season; and insecticides, especially pyrethrins and pyrethroids as well as organophosphate, were the most frequently used.

    what are the most commonly used pesticides

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