what are the harmful chemicals in pesticides

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Metam sodium,let us cut to point of the effect of this compound. This compound used in pesticide is causing birth defects and is toxic to birds and fish.DDT,DDE,DDD,these chemical is listed in carcinogen list (read more about carcinogen : chemicals known to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity ) means it appears that these chemicals …Pyrethroids,this inorganic chemical that included in organophosphates could cause many decease including hyper-excitation,aggressiveness,uncoordinated,whole-body tremors,and seizures. …Carbamate,this chemical is a derivative of carbamic acid (NH 2 COOH). …Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs),as one of dioxin chemicals,it is known that digesting this chemical could potentially cause cancer. …Methoxychlor,another synthetic compound that will disturb the gland and hormones system as well as reproductive and neurological system. …

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  • How dangerous are chemical pesticides to human health?

  • Hazardous effects of chemical pesticides on human health-Cancer and other associated disorders Poisoning from pesticides is a global public health problem and accounts for nearly 300,000 deaths worldwide every year. Exposure to pesticides is inevitable; there are different modes through which humans get exposed to pesticides.

  • What are the environmental effects of pesticides?

  • Environmental Effects As basically the function of pesticide is to kill pest by poisoning them the side effect of it might not far from it. It is reported that the usage of chemical fertilizer (read more : iron used in plant for growth and fertilizer) and pesticide contaminated and poison the soil, water, turf, and other vegetation.

  • What are the harmful chemicals used in chemical fertilizers?

  • So, those are list of chemicals that resulting harmful effects of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, there are other chemicals and some of them are below : Aldrin/Dieldrin. Atrazine. Chlordane. Chlordecone. Endosulfan. Endrin (Endrin aldehyde) Heptachlor/Heptachlor Epoxide.

  • What is an example of a pesticide?

  • Pesticides are designed to be toxic to a target organism, but they often kill other organisms as well. The insecticide azinphos-methyl, for example, is used to control insects such as biting mites and aphids.

    what are the harmful chemicals in pesticides

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