what are organochlorine pesticides

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Synthetic pesticides

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  • What are organochlorine (OCP) pesticides?

  • Organochlorine pesticides are synthetic chemicals that share certain properties that make them effective as pesticides and toxic to the environment. There are many different OCPs, including DDT, Eldrin, and Lindane. 1 锘?/div>Organochlorine Pesticides: What Are They?

  • What is an organochlorine?

  • Table 1gives a comprehensive classification of pesticides based on their chemical nature. Among the various classes of pesticides, organochlorines and organophosphates are widely used. Organochlorines are known for their high persistence and toxicity characteristics.

  • How do organochlorine pesticides kill insects?

  • Organochlorine pesticides are lipophilic (i.e., they tend to accumulate in fat-rich tissues such as nerves), and they kill insects by disrupting neural function. It would be years before scientists recognized that DDT not only killed insects, but had much wider impacts in the environment.

  • Are organochlorine pesticides banned in the United States?

  • OCPs have largely been banned in the U.S. and other developed countries, but are still in use in many places in the world. Learn more about what these chemicals are and what makes them controversial. What Are Organochlorine Pesticides?

    what are organochlorine pesticides

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