is lawn food and fertilizer the same thing

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  • Is fertilizer the same as food?

  • Even though it is common for many fertilizers to be called plant food, fertilizer is not the same as plant food. Most plants get hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen from water and the air, yet plants also need other nutrients that they normally get from the soil.

  • What is the difference between Lawn food and plant food?

  • Lawn food is just how some manufacturers name their fertilizer products. Technically, plants make their own food, and the term plant food or lawn food refers to the nutrients that they use to manufacture their own nourishment. I can see how people can be confused!

  • Should you buy lawn food or fertilizer?

  • You can buy lawn food to ensure that you鈥檙e giving the grass the right levels of nitrogen and potassium. Likewise, you can buy fertilizers for your plants to supplement them with the right amount of nutrients they need to grow, bloom, and be healthy.

  • Can you use the same fertilizer for different types of plants?

  • If you grow other types of plants and you want to save on fertilizers, you might be able to use the same products on both your lawns and your other plants. But to do this, you should know what nutrients are needed by your plants. Every plant lover and gardener should know the different nutrients that plants need to sprout, grow, and bloom.

    is lawn food and fertilizer the same thing

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