is it true that amazon sprays their boxes with pesticides

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Amazon boxes are not sprayed with pesticides

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  • Does Amazon spray boxes with chemicals dangerous to pets?

  • Does Amazon Spray Boxes With Chemicals Dangerous to Pets? The multinational online shopping platform upped its shipping fleet during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Shipping and technology company Amazon sprays its boxes with chemicals that have been shown to cause chemical burns in some pets.

  • Are Amazon boxes sprayed with rodenticide?

  • In an interview with Snopes, Amazon spokesperson Leah Seay said that the company does not have a policy of spraying their packaging boxes with any sort of rodenticide or insecticide. 鈥淏oxes aren鈥檛 sprayed for any reason.

  • Are Amazon boxes really cross-contaminated with chemicals?

  • Snopes also reported that Amazon 鈥渃ould not rule out the possibility that Amazon boxes could be cross-contaminated by chemicals from other sources, such as disinfectants used to clean out airplane holds or rodenticides used at various warehouse storage facilities around the world.鈥?/div>Amazon parcels do not pose widespread risk to cats – Full Fact

  • Are Amazon cardboard boxes toxic to pets?

  • No, that’s not true: Amazon said it does not treat their cardboard shipping boxes with either pesticides or disinfectants. A box industry spokesman said they know of no shippers who spray cardboard boxes with chemicals harmful to pets.

    is it true that amazon sprays their boxes with pesticides

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