is asparagus sprayed with pesticides

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  • Will this herbicide kill asparagus?

  • Asparagus emerged at the time of treatment will be killed. COMMENTS: A nonselective foliar herbicide without soil activity applied as a band or broadcast treatment before or after planting, but before the asparagus emerges.

  • How do you control weeds in asparagus?

  • Asparagus Weed Control. Weeds make asparagus harvest more difficult. Maintaining an asparagus field weed free during the two month harvest season requires a planned herbicide application prior to spear emergence. Choose a postemergence herbicide or tillage to control emerged weeds, and residual herbicides to control annual grasses,…

  • Are all vegetables sprayed with pesticides?

  • Almost all conventionally grown vegetables have been sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, preservatives or wax coatings, but some are more contaminated than others. These vegetables may be plagued with pests or diseases in agricultural fields or they may require a long growing season, increasing their need for pesticides.

  • Do Weeds compete with asparagus?

  • Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) are poor competitors with weeds. The same growing conditions that produce healthy asparagus also encourage the growth of weeds that compete for nutrients in the soil and reduce plant yields. Herbicides are used to kill or control unwanted weeds in the asparagus bed.

    is asparagus sprayed with pesticides

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