how to spread fertilizer

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If you have no other way to do it, you can certainly spread itby hand. Just make sure to use gloves and apply it very carefully. Walk backward, throwing fertilizer out as you go in a sweeping motion. Of course, you can use water-soluble or liquid fertilizers with a hose too.

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  • How to spread fertilizer on lawn?

  • How To Spread the Fertilizer Start by filling your spreader with half of the recommended amount of fertilizer it would take to cover the specific size lawn area, or a section of your lawn.

  • Can you use a drop type spreader to spread fertilizer?

  • To get even coverage and distribution of fertilizer, I always recommend spreading granular fertilizers over a lawn with a rotarytype fertilizer spreader. Unless you want your lawn striped like the American flag, DO NOT use a drop-typespreader to apply lawn fertilizers. You might think you can walk a straight line. You can’t.

  • How do you fertilize your farm?

  • Try to water the area you plan on fertilizing at least a few days in advance. Pick your spreader. Ideally, you will find the spreader that is best for your farm. Apply fertilizer around the outside and move slowly into the middle. From there, properly put away any remainder fertilizer.

  • How do you apply dry fertilizer equally?

  • The best way to apply dry fertilizer evenly is with a properly operating fertilizer spreader. How much fertilizer you apply depends on the type and model of spreader you use. Avoid fertilizing by hand, as it is almost impossible to apply evenly. Fertilizer spreaders come in two basic types: Drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders.

    how to spread fertilizer

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