how to spread fertilizer on lawn

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Spread the fertilizer inparallel rows that cross over your first set of rows at a right angle. Spread the second one-half of the fertilizer until the entire area is covered evenly a second time. Rinse off with water all fertilizer that is stuck to grass blades in your lawn,helping it soak into the soil.

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  • How do you fertilize a lawn with a lawn spreader?

  • Walk to one corner of the area you will fertilize, and push the spreader to begin applying fertilizer over the lawn in parallel rows. Space the parallel rows so that fertilizer applied in one row does not overlap fertilizer applied in adjacent rows.

  • Can you spread fertilizer with a drop spreader?

  • Spreading overlapping applications of dry fertilizer by using a broadcast or drop spreader allows you to spread fertilizer over your lawn accurately and evenly. Using only the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs and properly applying it can prevent damage from fertilizer burn, reduces pollution and can save you money.

  • How to maintain your lawn fertilizer?

  • Watering also helps to wash the fertilizer off the leaves of the grass to help keep it healthy. As for the spreader, when you鈥檙e done using it then you should wash it with a hose.

  • How do you load fertilizer in a broadcast spreader?

  • Load a broadcast spreader with fertilizer from the first one-half of the fertilizer you will apply. If your spreader cannot accommodate all of the fertilizer, divide it into an even number of portions that will fit into the spreader individually.

    how to spread fertilizer on lawn

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