how to make liquid fertilizer

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  • How to make organic liquid fertilizer?

  • How To Make Organic Liquid Fertilizer. The overall process of making all fermented bio liquids is this: Take plants, herbs, fruits, manures, etc ; Put them in a big jar or dig a hole and line it (manures) Add water and sugar ; Cover with a cloth; Let it ferment

  • Can I use liquid fertilizer instead of compost?

  • But compost takes some time to make, and sometimes you can鈥檛 or don鈥檛 want to make it or buy it. So if you鈥檙e in this circumstance, the next best thing to organic compost that can sometimes almost complete replace it is organic liquid fertilizer. Mold will grow on the top.

  • Is it better to use granular fertilizer or liquid fertilizer?

  • It is better always to feed your garden plants with a weak solution of liquid fertilizer than to feed your plants with concentrated liquid fertilizer With this basic and important information in mind, here is a step by step guide on how to make liquid fertilizer from granular fertilizer.

  • What is liquid plant fertilizer used for?

  • In addition to being used to feed individual plants, which are growing either in the soil or in containers, liquid plant fertilizer can also be used to give a more generalised boost to a growing area. It can be a quick way to increase the nutrient content in soil or growing medium.

    how to make liquid fertilizer

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