how to get rid of pests without pesticides

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  • How to get rid of garden pests naturally?

  • By attracting or purchasing insects which feast upon the particular pests that are bothering your plants, you can remove them quite naturally. Praying Mantises, Hover Flies, Ladybugs, Chalcids, Brachonids, and even Mud Wasps, are all insects which will help you battle common varieties of garden pests.

  • How do I keep Bugs out of my vegetable garden?

  • There is a variety of things that can be done in a garden to help control the critters and insects that find the vegetable patch their tasty treat for the day. Companion planting, attracting birds and good insects, and even hand picking some of the bugs and placing them in a bucket of soapy water.

  • How do you keep weeds out of your garden?

  • Water your plants regularly to keep them healthy and replenished. Use organic fertilizers and compost to protect them from malnutrition. Once weeds spread they can get out of control and destructive, so keep a weed-free environment to minimise the risk of attracting pests.

  • Does spray paint kill insects?

  • Sprays made with natural soaps are also effective against small, soft-bodied insects, like aphids and spider mites, and will destroy the eggs of larger insects as well. Against larger insects, though, it is unaffected. There are a few variations on a theme you can concoct to keep those pesky pest devils at bay.

    how to get rid of pests without pesticides

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