how to fertilize rhubarb

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Fertilizing Rhubarb Plants. Every spring,give each rhubarb plant1 cup of well-balanced fertilizer(like 10-10-10). When new growth starts,apply it in a circle around the plant,but not directly on the crown. Manure is an extremely valuable source of organic matter,as it helps to conserve moisture,preserves the soil structure …

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  • What is the best fertilizer for rhubarb?

  • Fertilizing will ensure a bountiful harvest and steady Rhubarb production. You can apply two to three inches of composted manure or all-purpose garden fertilizer. Broadcast at least 1/2 cup of an all-purpose garden fertilizer around each plant then work it lightly into the soil.

  • How do you take care of rhubarb plants?

  • After you plant the rhubarb roots, cover the soil with a layer of mulch and continue to water them throughout the spring and summer whenever the soil looks dry. You should also fertilize your rhubarb every spring to encourage healthy growth.

  • How do you get rhubarb to grow faster?

  • Tips Add compost, manure or fertilizer to the top layer of soil around the rhubarb to increase your yield, taking care not to disturb the roots or cover the crowns. Thin rhubarb every four to five years if the rows start to grow crowded.

  • Is manure good for rhubarb?

  • Manure is an extremely valuable source of organic matter, as it helps to conserve moisture, preserves the soil structure and makes nutrients readily available. If you choose to use it for your rhubarb, do not use fresh manure鈥?this could burn the tender plants. Apply one to two shovels of older manure per plant.

    how to fertilize rhubarb

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