how to fertilize an arborvitae

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Fertilizing arborvitae can be done in two ways: byapplying a granular fertilizer around the base of the tree, or by spraying a liquid fertilizer directly on the leaves. When using a granular fertilizer, you鈥檒l want to apply it evenly over a radius of about three feet from the trunk.

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  • What is the best fertilizer for arborvitae?

  • Experts recommend slow release granular fertilizer for arborvitae trees. The nitrogen in this fertilizer is released over a long period of time. This enables you to fertilize less often and also ensures that the tree鈥檚 roots will not burn.

  • How can I Make my arborvitae grow faster?

  • How Can You Make Them Grow More Quickly? 1 鈥?Plant Them at the Right Time of the Year. The fact is that Arborvitae are durable and hardy enough to be planted at any time of year, but you must … 2 鈥?Plant Them in Acidic Soil. 3 鈥?Choose the Right Type of Arborvitae. 4 鈥?Plant Them Correctly. 5 鈥?…

  • When to feed arborvitae?

  • It is also important to know when to feed arborvitae. Fertilizing arborvitae at the wrong time can lead to problems with the tree. You should fertilize your arborvitae during the growing season. Offer the first feeding just before new growth begins. Fertilize at the intervals recommended on the container.

  • What kind of soil do arborvitae like?

  • Arborvitae plants thrive best when planted in acidic soil. Many areas feature clay-based soil that is not ideal for this kind of plant. If you have soil that isn鈥檛 acidic enough, you鈥檒l need to prepare it by adding nutrients in the form of fertilizer before planting and growing.

    how to fertilize an arborvitae

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