how to become a fertility specialist

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Educational TrackEarn a Bachelor’s Degree. As with any physician,earning a Bachelor’s Degree is the first step in the educational journey. …Medical School. The next step on a student’s journey to becoming a fertility specialist is medical school. …Take Part in a Residency Program. After medical school,future fertility specialists must take part in a residency program that will allow them to hone their knowledge and skills to …Obtain a Fellowship. The final step in the thorough education of a fertility specialist is to obtain a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology. …

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  • How long does it take to become a fertility specialist?

  • Approximately 12 years of post-secondary education are required to become a fertility specialist, including graduating from an accredited, 4-year medical school with a MD (doctor of medicine) degree. Typically, a fertility specialist follows the educational path of an OB/GYN before obtaining specialized education.

  • What kind of Doctor treats infertility?

  • This combination of genetic and psychological urgency makes infertility one of the most emotionally wrenching medical conditions for patients. Reproductive endocrinologists are the primary specialists in fertility, though urologists and other physicians also treat infertile patients.

  • What is the best postgraduate specialisation for a fertility specialist?

  • Postgraduate specialisations can include obstetrics and gynaecology or endocrinology, followed by training as a sub-specialist in fertility. Other non-medical routes into the speciality include scientific laboratory roles like andrology and embryology.

  • What education is required to become a fertility nurse?

  • The first task of prospective fertility nurses is to become a licensed registered nurse (RN). This requires a person to earn either a two-year Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or four-year Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree (BSN).

    how to become a fertility specialist

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