how to avoid pesticides in agriculture

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  • How can farm workers reduce exposure to pesticides?

  • Farmers鈥?exposure to pesticides can be reduced through less use of pesticides and through the correct use of the appropriate type of personal protective equipment in all stages of pesticide handling. Keywords: Agricultural tasks, Direct spray contact, Drift, Occupational exposure

  • What are the 7 strategies available for pesticide reduction?

  • Here are listed 7 strategies available for pesticide reduction. 1. Agronomic practices. Suitable agronomic practices are essential to achieve healthy crops and to prevent build-up of pest, disease and weed pressure. The following practices are of particular importance: Appropriate plant nutrition and soil fertility management; Crop rotation;

  • Why are pesticides used in agriculture?

  • Abstract Synthetic pesticides are extensively used in agriculture to control harmful pests and prevent crop yield losses or product damage. Because of high biological activity and, in certain cases, long persistence in the environment, pesticides may cause undesirable effects to human health and to the environment.

  • What is the overuse of pesticides and why is it bad?

  • The overuse of pesticides underpin this current damaging system of farming 鈥?they are a major part of what needs to change. What are pesticides? 鈥楶esticides鈥?are chemicals designed to kill insects and other pests (insecticides), fungal diseases (fungicides) and weeds (herbicides).

    how to avoid pesticides in agriculture

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