how to avoid pesticides in agriculture

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  • Why are pesticides used in agriculture?

  • Abstract Synthetic pesticides are extensively used in agriculture to control harmful pests and prevent crop yield losses or product damage. Because of high biological activity and, in certain cases, long persistence in the environment, pesticides may cause undesirable effects to human health and to the environment.

  • How to reduce pesticide use?

  • Today there is a consensus among a wide range of stakeholders that pesticide use needs to be gradually reduced to a level that is effectively required to ensure crop production, and that risks of pesticide application need to be reduced as far as possible. Here are listed 7 strategies available for pesticide reduction. 1. Agronomic practices.

  • What is a pesticide?

  • A pesticide is a product, whether organic or chemical, used to kill the target pest. Insecticides are used for insect control, herbicides are used in weed control, and fungicides control fungal organisms. It is important to remember that the use of pesticides is only one method for controlling pests.

  • What is the overuse of pesticides and why is it bad?

  • The overuse of pesticides underpin this current damaging system of farming 鈥?they are a major part of what needs to change. What are pesticides? 鈥楶esticides鈥?are chemicals designed to kill insects and other pests (insecticides), fungal diseases (fungicides) and weeds (herbicides).

    how to avoid pesticides in agriculture

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