how to aerate and fertilize a lawn

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To get the maximum benefit from the machine,aerate your lawn twice, moving in a vertical direction the first time and a horizontal direction the second. Fertilize Soon After Aerating Once you鈥檙e finished aerating, you can turn right back to your lawn and begin fertilizing. In other words, you can fertilize immediately after aerating.

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  • Can you put fertilizer on top of aerated grass?

  • Fertilizer can burn the grass and should be applied during the times of year when the sun is less intense. Rake the lawn before aerating to remove thatch as well as any stones that may damage your aerator. Water the lawn to moisturize the soil if it has not rained in the previous 48 hours.

  • What is the best way to aerate your lawn?

  • Aerating is easiest on you (or your equipment operator) and your lawn when your soil is moist from irrigation or rainfall the day before. Overly dry soil can be tough to aerate, so moisture eases the process. Never aerate overly wet lawns; wait a few days instead. Slicing aerators slice through lawns and leave soil in place.

  • How long does it take for aerated lawn fertilizer to work?

  • Whether you fertilize and aerate together or just fertilize your lawn, you should see results within six to eight weeks. The combination of the two is often the best option, especially if you have compacted soil or clay soil.

  • What is aerating and fertilizing?

  • Aerating and fertilizing is that twice-a-year 鈥渄eep clean鈥?to ensure your lawn stays in tip-top shape. Aeration is a lawn treatment that pulls out 鈥渃ores鈥?or small plugs of grass and topsoil to create a small hole.

    how to aerate and fertilize a lawn

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